Quick advice for fat loss/muscle preservation or gaining diet

  1. Quick advice for fat loss/muscle preservation or gaining diet

    Hey guys, real quick, I'm 5' 10" and about 195 lbs, probably 18% bf. I'm trying to work my way back down to where I used to be and just wondered if anyone could give me some quick advice as to what amount of calories I should be consuming and what ratio of macronutrients. Timing of nutrients and workout vs non-workout day suggestions would be awesome. This is to shed fat and maintain or maybe even build muscle. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I will be running the following stack also:

    PES Anabeta
    PES Shift
    Athletix Titanium

    Along with the essentials...

    Thanks again

  2. Nothing?

  3. Come on guys nothing at all?

  4. Based on the limited background information you provided, I can recommend this:

    Eat less, exercise more.

  5. eat like 400 calories over your maintenance but clean. there is a calculator to help you find a good starting point on your maintenance calories if you know your lean body mass, on a popular bodybuilding website. I dont know if im allowed to give a link, but you should get the picture pm me if you dont.



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