Diet while "On"

  1. Diet while "On"

    I am currently 6 weeks in and up 20lbs so far (Cycle was 4 weeks 50mg Dbol, 200 Deca 200 Test E for 12) I feel like I am stuck and maybe putting on a little bodyfat which is something I'd like to stay away from. I weigh 210 havent got BF checked but week before I started I was 189 6 percent BF. I am 6' tall and have been training for 8 yrs. My question is should I kinda do a 35/45/15 (carb/pro/fat) split seeing as I may not need as much fats for hormones seeing as I have loads? I am thinking some of my mirror perception is water retention but just thought I'd ask for some help from community seeing as this is my first cycle and have kinda hit wall at bout half way in. Also any training tips or work outs ppl would recomment while "On" would be helpful I can do research on any recommended thanks!

  2. im gonna assume a lot of that weight is water weight.

    try cycling your carbs on days you lift
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