Im ready for a lifestyle change..

  1. Im ready for a lifestyle change..

    Hello everyone my name is David and Im a professional auto mechanic for BMW..this is the beginning of a new life as I am turning 30 this month..I have a beautiful wife and 3 kids that I want to do this lifestyle change for,so I dont leave them behind because im overweight..I havent had any health issues in my life and want to keep it that way..I am 6'0 320lbs I want to be 230 and have always been a big guy and I dont want that to be me anymore..I want to learn this lifestyle to pass it down to my sons and not have them embarassed of having a fat father anymore..I have no clue where to start or what to eat..I have done a lot of research and just couldnt come up with a conclusion to what does what and what works for fat loss and muscle building..I am coming to this forum very humbled and looking for support and to learn what it takes to be this new person..So to anyone who reads this I have an open mind and im willing to listen to what anyone will teach me about training myself and self discipline on working out and eating right,plus the proper supplement training as well,because I have no idea what im doing..


  2. I think the best way at first, to learn from what you are doing wrong is to keep a food log, and just eat like you normally do for a few weeks. Keeping this log will let you look back and count your carbs and cals and see exactly how bad it is.

  3. This is just my opinion, although its based on facts Ive researched. Forget about dieting and cutting your calories and focus on building muscle. Muscle burns fat, even at rest, your workouts should be low weight, high reps, at your size you may be able to lift heavy but dont do it. Make your calorie consumption, be mostly raw or steamed vegetables, raw fruits and meat, eliminate breads, pastas, just meat and produce and some supps.

  4. Congrats on wanting to make a Life style change. The first thing you will want to do is log what you are eating. There are a few different sites you can use to do this. I use Fit Day and My Fitness Pal on my Android phone. You need to be brutally honest with your self in order to make a change. Log everything including what you are drinking. Do this for a solid week to see how many calories you are truly bringing in. Then next is to log your workouts if you are doing anything at this moment. There are so many different methods in training. I personally used p90x with my wife for the first 90 days to get some strength and to shed some pounds. It also helped with the wife to do it with me. Once that was over we both joined a gym and now train together. It will be much easier if you both can do it together even if your other half is in good shape. You can use as much support as possible. Once you log everything post it up so people can give there suggestions on what you need to do to reach your goal. In the mean time look around the site and see what others have done and are currently doing. And see what fits in your life.

    Good Luck.

  5. What i did in the very beginning before i knew what i do now was to just start working out.I didn't change my diet at first only stopping drinking things with cals.
    As i started to lose and look better i started to fine tune training/diet from things i heard read and so on until finding what seemed to work "for me".

    I was 250lb never worked out 5yrs ago today im 171lb with a clean diet/trainng program(also got a personal trainer do to overtraining)but loss alot all on my own.Then i got carried away with it.So start small and work your way up.

  6. well im down to 300...and counting

  7. 20lbs in a month is pretty damn impressive.. what changed? diet? exercise??
    either way keep up the good work

  8. good for you man. keep it up

  9. Im eating a lot of protein and natural foods..I havent had fast food or pop since I started and its been getting really in the 290's now and able to beat my 12yr old in a foot ive been doing 1hr workouts everyday,but sunday,but on sundays I wake up and do 100 sit-ups and 50 push-ups and thats it,but abs everyday no matter what even if im stuck at 290 and have muscle showing in my upper stomach and chest..its making me feel a lot workouts start with 30min jog set the tredmill on seems really fast to me,but now I can stay on it for the full 30min without decreasing the speed..and I have a routine for each day of the chest and back one day and arms and legs on another,but all broke up for different days...

  10. Sounds good keep it up but some tips for down the road is Variation when it comes to losing a good deal of weight you initially see a lot come off right at the beggining and thats always nice its really gets you going. But as those numbers start to slow is where most people get discouraged when your used to seeing 10-20 lbs jump of the scale seeing 2-3 can be kind of a scare. The thing is when this happens don't get discouraged, its bound to happen and once you get even skinner those 2-3 pounds a week will turn to 0.5-1 and so on. But bringing back to what i said about variation the thing i see the most is people hit plateaus then they get discouraged and start going back to there old ways, by constantly changing your training making tweaks in your diet you can avoid drastic plateaus like many people see. For instance if your doing say 30 minutes treadmil 3-4 times a week and start to see things slow change it up ramp up the speed to 8.5 but only do it for 10 minutes or use the style of cardio training HIIT where say you do 30 second sprint at 9MPH then walk 60 seconds at 3.5MPH and repeat several times.

    As far as lifting goes the same thing happens usually every 8 weeks i like to change my weight lifting routine to hit other spots and confuse the muscles a bit if thats the right term. Doing ther body same thing over and over again not only gets boring but your body adapts and the gains and weight loss will come to a screaching halt.

    Some tips i have is probally stuff you already know.
    -Water drink lots of water i stay away from any bevarage with calories besides protein shakes because there just empty calories, in the morning i usually have some powerade zero however since the first thing i drink can't be water just doesn't taste right.
    - Im not a big believer in 5-6 meals a day i felt more sluggish doing that but rather eat when your hungry but the most important thing is to choose the right food.
    - Avoid candy,chips,premade frozen foods (high in sodium), really a lot of pre packed stuff is just really high in sodium
    - Don't go by the scale all the time go by the mirror, the mirror doesn't lie aim don't aim for a number aim for the way you want to look i aimed for a number too much and when i got down to that number it wasn't what i pictured.
    - Don't lose the motivation, i see it time and time again people join the gym for 1 month get good results then life conflicts they lose motivation and you never see them again its tough sometimes to stay motivated but anything is better then nothing repping out a few pushups here and there going for a run after work whatever it may be they add up to the greater goal.

    Best of luck man 30 pounds already is great progress keep it up and you'll be where you wanna be in no time this place is full of info use it wisely.

  11. Friends I am a student of BS (Software Engineering) and I am 20 and My weight and my age is seems to be 17-18, just because of my less weight and muscles. Will you friends Suggest me what protein shake or mass gainer i have to use.

  12. 1. Keep a food journal.

    2. Drink more water. A LOT of water.

    3. Eat more vegetables. Better gut health can aid in weight loss

    4. Lift weights. Don't worry about how much. 45 mins 3x per week will be plenty. Work hard, but don't kill yourself to start.

    5. Make this a lifestyle decision and stick to it.

    Best of Luck!!

  13. Evan Centopani started by running a half-mile around his block, and I don't think he's stopped running yet. It's all about NOT QUITTING.
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by Knowbull View Post
    This is just my opinion, although its based on facts Ive researched. Forget about dieting and cutting your calories and focus on building muscle. Muscle burns fat, even at rest, your workouts should be low weight, high reps, at your size you may be able to lift heavy but dont do it. Make your calorie consumption, be mostly raw or steamed vegetables, raw fruits and meat, eliminate breads, pastas, just meat and produce and some supps.
    I'm an ex-fatty, and I would personally recommend doing the opposite of this approach. when you're building muscle you WILL put on fat after you pass the newbie stage and for you that's just not okay.
    when you diet off all that weight you will lose a lot of muscle regardless of how careful you are.

    If I could start my bodybuilding career over, starting at fat, I would not worry about muscle and diet myself to the skinniest state I could attain.
    after that I would try to build muscle. -This approach doesn't sound as glamorous as some of the others, but I think it will prove to be faster in the long run.

    trust me, You don't want to spend years spinning your wheels going back and forth between building muscle and losing fat and getting nowhere.


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