Nutritionist Help Requested

  1. Nutritionist Help Requested

    I was wondering if there are any helpful nutrionists/dietitions on the board willing to help out, I'm ready to make that final leap into my fitness. I know my diet is the only thing holding me back.

    I train DC style and am confident in the level of difficulty and growth my training is providing.

    What I really need is some guidance and help setting up a good meal plan. I really want to set something up so I know exactly what I will eat per day (taking the guess work out of it).

    If any nutrionists feel like volunteering some help in formulating this plan, I would appreciate it.

    If so, let me know and I'll PM stats etc.


  2. Quote Originally Posted by MAxximal View Post
    Interesting and thanks for the link. Is this basal metabolic rate calculator accurate?

  3. Keeping your calories between 10-12kcal per pound would be a good start for total calorie consumption per day. As for the macro breakdowns, always focus on less processed foods with low sugar and lean meats. Common foods to eat would include things like turkey, chicken, fish, oatmeal, sweet potato and various non starchy vetables (omit white potatoes, corn, peas, carrots, okra). Anything green and leafy is always welcomed. Basically what you have to do is set a calorie range for your weight by mutliplying the aformentioned kcal requirements to your body weight to get your daily calorie needs.

    Go to the grocery store and buy a shopping cart full of the items I just mentioned and be prepared to weigh out a lot of food. Keep a journal, either paper or online that tracks your calories per day and always shoot to be below your kcal requirments. Couple that with some cardio 3-4x week and you should be good to go. Just remember that persistence and consistence will always pay off.

  4. Whats above, except id add red potatoes to the list. Yum!



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