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    Needless to say, I have been around the block when it comes to training and/or supplementation. While I still consider myself 95% natural, I have recently been thinking of becoming 100% natural. I know this may sound odd to some of you guys, but I am thinking of eliminating all protein supplements from my diet. Starting somewhere around 4-5 years ago, I wanted to be huge. Naturally, I did my research and found that protein, beyond everything else besides food is an absolute staple of any type of training.

    Now that I am 27 years of age, I am in a completely different mind set than I once was. I don't want to be huge. I want to be in shape, athletic, and noticeably so. What I really want to know is... Are there any of you guys here that do not take any type of protein supplement? I know a lot of people say that it is important to keep the protein levels in your blood high enough to promote anabolism, but is it really necessary to slam down that 50-60g of whey after your workout? You would think if you were consuming certain amounts of slow digesting protein throughout the day, you would be able to keep your muscles fed. Also, at my current weight, (Around 93kg) it's not too difficult to get my necessary protein (1-1.5g per lb of body weight) in the form of whole foods. I would almost certainly want to add some sort of protease to my diet at that point though. In the form of whole foods of course

    If there is anyone here that could shed some light on a protein supplement free angle of attack, I would much appreciate it. Thank you for your time in advance!

    I have also added a poll to see what others think about this.

  2. I don't use any shakes except very rarely, and then only out of convenience. I think I've had 2 in the last month. I'm not really sure what the concern is. If you eat either within 2-3 hours before working out or within 1-2 after and have a good solid protein source in the meal then you are set. Theres no evidence that pounding the shake postworkout has any value.

  3. I totally understand the convenience factor. My concern of eliminating them would be that I would lose out on a potential increase of recovery time. My concern of using them is the over taxing of my digestion system and other obvious organs.

  4. I doubt there is a significant difference in recovery if you eat a regular meal not long after working out

  5. Do you think there is an increased chance of becoming catabloic?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Aggravated View Post
    Do you think there is an increased chance of becoming catabloic?
    I think catabolism is one of the most over-used, bull**** terms in this "game". Right next to "starvation mode".

    Yea obviously it is a "real" thing, but in the context "most" people worry about it, it is far overblown.

    But hey, that is me.lol

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Aggravated View Post
    Do you think there is an increased chance of becoming catabloic?
    How long before you workout is your prior meal? If you eat a chicken breast, you have heightened aminos for 4+ hours. Thats a part of why shakes aren't particularly necessary

  8. I eat about 1-1.5 hours before my workouts religiously. I usually try to have a fairly light meal, but I usually end up eating around 4-500 cals. It would either be 1/2lb of lean ground beef w/whole wheat spaghetti or a can of tuna. Toss in a vegetable and/or a piece of fruit. I don't really eat a lot of chicken anymore. It's something I tend to get burnt out on pretty easily unless I can grill it. The apartments I live in just abolished outdoor grills so... I bought a house I think grilled chicken will be in my near future!

  9. Whatever though, beef gives heightened aminos for slightly longer than chicken. So if you are taking in 40g of protein in that meal, you've got as much aminos as your body will use for those 4 hours.

  10. Good to know. I'm going to start this as soon as this last few lbs of protein powder is gone. I'll be sure to report back with any differences I may experience.


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