Anyone who has some low carb bread recipes?

  1. Anyone who has some low carb bread recipes?

    I am on the metabolic diet and I really miss eating bread during my weekdays. If you do have a great low carb bread recipe I would be grateful

  2. Search Elana's Pantry.

    - Blanched almond flour (ground blanched almonds works fine for me and is more readily available)
    - Flaxseed
    - Arrowroot flour
    - Salt
    - Sodium bicarbonate
    - Eggs
    - Apple cider vinegar

    I am just about to enjoy mine now with some smoked salmon. This is the closest thing I have come to low carb bread.

    I hope this helps.
    PEScience Representative

  3. Thanks a lot man. I will try making some of that


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