Hopefully the experts on here can offer me a good opinion on this... Basically I am uncomfortable all of the time because my face feels hot...like that flushing feeling you get when you are embarrassed...but it does not look hot and shows no physical outward signs, which is why my doctor does not think its a skin problem like rosacea. Now I have had hormonal issues in the past (low t, higher e) which the doctors felt that was the reason. After I got the hormones straightened back out, they told me it was probably Blood Pressure...but once again, since I have had the hormones back in the normal range, my BP is actually on the lower side...I am still having this issue. So I thought that maybe it could be a dietary problem. Can blood sugar issues or thyroid problems be the cause of this? My TSH was 2.93 last time it was checked, which isn't too high, but isn't what is considered "normal" function anymore. My blood sugar was also 85, again not high, but that was after fasting for 12 hours....I have been trying some things, such as cutting soda out of my diet, and that does make me feel marginally better because of more energy, but I still feel hot....Does anyone have any opinions? And you don't need to say get checked by a doctor, because I have already done that and anyone who has had a complicated problem knows that doctors basically know zip (it took me several doctors for the hormone thing as well). Just wondering if anyone had any ideas.