advice on what my next step should be

  1. advice on what my next step should be

    I recently began to clean up my diet, start hiit, began stacking bronkaid and caffeine, and am working out using 5/3/1 in an attempt to recomp. I have lost 20lbs of fat in total and have noticed 0 muscle loss which is great. I'm currently eating at maintenence calories. And am considering increasing calories by 500 to start putting on muscle mass while I continue burning with the bronkaid/ caffeine and the hiit. My main goal is to increase in size and strength while lowering bf% idk exactly where I'm at but I weigh about 220 and estimate maybe 16% and want to be at 11 or 12 and stay there whilst growing. Should I increase my calorie intake? Or will it be counter productive?

  2. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  3. I also just got my bottle of anabeta in the mail and was wondering how to change my diet accordingly for more lean gains

  4. really it will be counterproductive. far easier to hit your desired leanness before gaining again.
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    Keep cutting now. If what you've been doing has lost you 20 lbs with little to no muscle loss, continue this. Recomping is difficult and you'll be on a much easier (and quicker) path to do this, then to add the cals back in once you're at the desired bodyfat.
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  6. Should I use my anabeta during the leaning out cycle to assist in a light recomp? I'm currently on ephedrine and am gonna be done with my 4 week cycle in 2 weeks and start anabeta then. I would be willing to do both anabeta and EC but I'm scared as balls of dying lol


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