is yohimbe a muscle-sparing stimulant?

  1. Question is yohimbe a muscle-sparing stimulant?

    ok, so one thing i noticed with stimulants (legal or otherwise) is that they ALL burn muscle along with fat, but i've heard that yohimbe can actually increase muscle mass. is this true?

    on some other bodybuilding website i read that it releases FAT to be burned instead of muscle via activation of the a2-receptors. and i've also heard that it boosts test. levels, increasing muscle mass and recovery time. can anyone verify this? would it interfere with bulking/gains?

    i still have like 50 capsules laying around that i used to take when i was cutting, but since i got into powerlifting i decided i wasn't going to go back and forth between cutting and bulking phases...

    thanks, for the replies

  2. Stimulants "stimulate" nervous system activity, typically increasing metabolic rate. They aren't inherently catabolic (read: muscle-wasting) substances and don't necessarily breakdown lean tissue.

    Also, yohimbine inhibits a2-receptors -- it doesn't activate them. I have never seen research that suggests yohimbine alone increases testosterone levels.

    If you were going to use them outside of a cutting or fat loss program, I would just take them when you need a "boost" or just pre-workout.

  3. thanks man, and yeah i was thinking about using them pre workout, only thing i noticed though is they make me VERY edgy, and the longer i take them the more pronounced the effects (long half-life?).

  4. This is an old thread but I thought I'd put in my two cents. Yohimbine is muscle sparing in that it greatly increases the amount of fatty acids in the bloodstream available for oxidation, atleast for the short time it's in your system. Clenbuterol works through the same mechanism, except it has a much longer half-life.

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