shoulder surgery and recovery

  1. shoulder surgery and recovery

    well the time is upon me. surgery is tuesday. 2 bone spurs removed, a piece of the cartilage sheath has to be removed. the only good news is the tendon looks good but dr says he'll know for sure when he gets in there.

    been very depressing not being able to really wo(other than legs, cardio) for about 10 weeks now with another few months on the horizon. march i was sitting at 218 12%bf im now down to 200(obviously no wo means reduced cals)

    my recovery plan is standard shoulder rehab exercises and swimming.

    my "supplements" to help recovery along are test(at my trt dose), gh 2-4iu/day, deca 150/week for six months. the deca i may run for 12 months.

  2. Good luck AMBulldog. I hope the surgery goes well and that you are back to working out in no time.

  3. Been there a couple of years ago, follow your rehab to the letter, do you stretches every day. I got to feeling better and stopped, ended up in rehab for a second time. Don't be stupid like me.
    Good luck

  4. well surgery went well today. more bone had to be removed than anticipated to make room in joint. great news though is the tendon showed no signs of damage and is g2g

  5. As mentioned follow you PT and do it at least once a day...basically stretching.
    I had surgery on both shoulders...the right about 5yrs ago, the left last year June 4.
    I had basically the same thing as you with the bone spurs, and a little cleaning up of the rc, but not anything major.
    I didn't do as much stretching the second time around, and I still feel a little pain at times, so I'm stretching now everyday.

    I'm not sure when your doc wants you to start PT, but my doc took my arm out of the sling on the 5th and said to start moving it as best as I can.
    He did this with the first on as well, he doesn't want the shoulder to seize and in order for that not to happen you need to keep moving it.

    My doc was the back QB for Steve Young, so he has all these jerseys hanging in the guy and is one of the best in Hawaii for shoulder surgeries.

    I hope you PT goes well, just keep stretching the shoulder more each time and you'll be back at doing military presses in no time.



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