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IF diet I'm on it but got some simple questions I haven't seen answered....

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    IF diet I'm on it but got some simple questions I haven't seen answered....

    So I'm jumping in on the band wagon of IF lifestyle but have some questions I didn't see answered any where

    1. How much protein should I consume... It seems like he only shoots for around 140-200 grams
    2. How important are carbs on this diet... I don't do well with carbs
    3. The meals he states are barely breaking 1500 calories. He stated 350 pre workout and big meal of 850 after n 300 before bed... How is the body not going to go into starvation mode... People told me I'm not losing because I'm not eating enough nut when I ate alot I got fat... So now what?

    Here's my sample day for cutting/recomp on this tell me if it works.

    Meal 1 pre workout 8oz lunchmeat on wheat bread with glass of milk.

    Meal 2 "big meal" 8-10oz chicken or lean meat with cup of greens and potatoe or something of the like

    Meal 3 " protein meal". I make protein pudding usually 3 scoops protein n water so about 75 grams of protein and only 400 calories.

    Sometimes I eat a small 4th meal nothing crazy usually on workout days only.

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    Starvation mode? Sure....

    1. 1-1.5g per lb of LBM
    2. Adjust carbs to your goals and body - I've done carb cycling and low carb with IF
    3. Adjust calories according to your needs - I'm currently eating over 4500 on IF and cut at around 3500.
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    1. Protein 1 - 1.5 of LBM (not total weight)

    2. personal choice but carb cycling is part of IF fasting... but it is optional as I see ppl successfully IF without doing so

    3. meals are specific to YOU, those are examples, determine your cutting calories and adjust to fit.
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