Blood results from Doctor

  1. Blood results from Doctor

    Little info i'm 20, been working out sicne I was 16, around 210-215 and just above 6ft. Lately I've been feeling like sh*t, tired slow in the gym, not as motivated and been getting night sweats and such. My diet is on point and all I take is a simple protein supplement along with a high amount of fish oil and a good multi vitamin. Needless to say I scheduled an appointment with my Endo to talk to her about whats been going on because I have thyroid problems in the family. Long story short everything came back normal and she thinks I'm just under a lot of stress due to school because I work full-time in an E.R. attend Paramedic school full-time(I'm in my last month thank god) manage a work-out schedule and gym schedule, and try and make time to see the girlfriend and others. But I insisted her on checking my test levels too and she was completely ok with that until she called me and ask me what kind of supplements I've been taking when i replied I hardly take any and rattled off a simple list she told me on a range from 241-827 ng/dL mine came back 1,242 ng/dL which to me was just a overall sense of good feeling. My question is though why I'm I still having all this ****ty symptoms, hardly any gains in the gym and feeling like a slug all the time? Could stress at 20 really cause this?

  2. stress can cause some of your symptoms, sure. how much sleep are you getting during the night? that has a huge factor in how you feel during the day. how much water do you drink? do you consistently change your workout routine? if not, you may be hitting a plateau. change it up! try to do a 3 day program like DC, 5x5...etc to give your body 4 days of rest. sounds like you just need rest. also, you may want to try to take a week off from the gym. see how your body feels during the week.
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  3. ahh to be 20 again and naturally high T levels... jealous.

    yeah you could just be shot out and need a break... cant hurt.

    maybe its all the great weather we get here in Boynton zapping your energy!
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  4. Ya I think I might need to just catch up on sleep and all. and I was astounded when my results came back like that for my t-levels. Only problem is there high yes but I still feel like I hit a brick wall in the gym so I'll change it up. I gotta work on leaning out anyway so less power lifting more sculpting now. Im always stuck around 215 and 12-13% bf and I wanna get under 10% but I have always had real trouble doing so.

  5. all about diet
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  6. natural test level of 1200? Damn man, I would have killed a baby kitten to have that at your age growing up...

  7. Where you train? (Im in Boynton too).
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  8. most likely adrenal fatigue. when i first started getting it i also got bloodwork done and had a 700 something, so it wasnt the test. quit all caffeine supplements and try to sleep more.
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