Landscapers, construction workers, on the road salesmen... ect. where you at!? -

Landscapers, construction workers, on the road salesmen... ect. where you at!?

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    Landscapers, construction workers, on the road salesmen... ect. where you at!?

    So I know I am not the only one who needs to take a cooler for lunch, so I am just curious what everyone else uses for lunch to stay healthy.

    Right now I'm experimenting with a Coleman propane burner to heat up chicken stir fry to put in a whole wheat wrap. I'm also gonna try beef and black bean burritos on a rap and I usually bring stuff like apples string cheese summer sausage almonds

    What do you guys bring more suggest to stay healthy while eating out of a cooler

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    You are way more organized than I am.

    I usually eat my food cold, and cook most of it up a few days prior.

    I also often go to the supermarket and make a salad from the salad bar and then put my own meat/eggs on it.

    Also, greek yogurt + fruit + oats all mixed together is a great snack.

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    I eat everything cold. Tri-tip, hard boiled eggs, nuts, salad, jerky, oatmeal. I make my oatmeal oatmeal with milk and honey, top it with banana and then sprinkle it with granola. By mid day, it kinda turns in to pudding with a crunchy top. Pretty good IMO.

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    i cook all my food on sunday night and package it for the week.

    one week ill cook some chicken breasts veggies

    next week, chuck steaks or fish (sometimes)

    i keep a box of almonds in my truck for all day snacking
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