Diet plan offers??

  1. Diet plan offers??

    Hi i have posted a thred but none reply

    So i ask you guys what meal plans do you have in mind? I also heard that eating 3 meals aday is just the same as eating 6 meals aday aslong as you get in the cals at the same ??

    Thanks .

    Im 182bls and im 5,7 21 age .... Thanks if you can help im trying to get lean gsins

  2. Whats your training like??
    I eat 6x a day if i eat 3x i'd be hungry all day long no matter if each meal was 1000cals.

  3. I suggest paleo. You simply eat when hungry, yet our body fat melts away - so long as you do not abuse things like nuts.

    Just Google "Robb Wolf quick start" for a primer, then "Paleo recipes" will bring up enough options to feed you for the rest of your life.

  4. Lol thanks bro .. And im train 4 days aweel 2much? Im about to go on a p mag cycle on winter so yano ... Just want to lean oit n dat man gt big while trying it

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