Too much Liver Support

  1. Too much Liver Support

    Hey guys,

    I posted a few days ago because I was worried that I had hurt my liver. I ran a cycle of Phreak (Sdrol / Hdrol) and suddenly am getting 'mucusy stools' two weeks into PCT.

    I thought it was because of not enough liver support, but now I think this is probably do to TOO MUCH liver support. Is it possible that this too much Silymarin (Milk Thistle) (I'm taking quite a bit over the recommended) NAC, Dandelion, and Artichoke could lead to this?


    BTW I ran (liver longer, liv 52, milk thistle, mycogreen, SAMe, and Life Support) during the cycle. Now its just NOW Liver Regen & Detox with ample Silymarin.

  2. what's your diet like? doesn't sound liver related.

    Mucous is normally from bowel inflammation (and/or leaky gut syndrome), could be a dietary allergy, or all the extra food intake could've exacerbated an already existing issue. I know I get some gastro issues when bulking (reflux, etc). Getting lots of fiber? Taking digestive enzymes?

  3. milkthistle is pritty safe even at high doses i think they only found soem dirihha in some. not the NAC and others im not sure..
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