Changing diet up to risky?

  1. Changing diet up to risky?

    Hi guys just want to say thanks for the help before iv lost 4bls

    Im 179bls at 5'6 i was 183bls

    Im trying to cut down to 170bls for the winter bulk while holding ob to as much musscclee!! Lol

    Im still at college so not got alot of money i was thinking of changing my diet to this ...

    8am 4 eggs 2 yolks and 4 whites with 2 slice brown bred 100 g of beans and 100g of weetabix

    11am 200g of chicken with veg on brown bred

    2pm 130g of tunna and a 100g of oats

    4pm gym till 530pm 30g of whey

    640pm 4 eggs 2 yolks and for whites
    And 100g of beans

    9pm 120g of steak

    So as i ssid it looks ****y so need help please lol? Thanks

  2. ? Lol

  3. ! Lol
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  4. Wat? Lol y u comment ay lol ....

  5. that diet is worthless to me without a calorie and macro breakdown for me to read. I don't feel like trying to break it all down myself, lol.

  6. Oh lol umm ok so that all adds uo to around 2300cals aday bro im leaning out ya see going down to 170bls then for my winter bulky ?


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