Best thing for sunburn??

  1. Best thing for sunburn??

    Does anybody know of a good gel or cream for sunburn.

    Been staining my deck(very large)and got some major burn mainly on back.
    Feels great when doing bent over lats or stiff legs!

    Not looking foward to benchs either.

  2. Aloe plant. Most grocery stores have the leaves in the veggie section.

  3. Solarcaine...has lidocaine and aloe

  4. Oh man. Aloe Vera is the best. Careful about your workouts you could possibly injure yourself further. Make sure that bench is CLEAN
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  5. Thanks guys its really bad now.Another 3 days in the sun,its figgen 95 where i live is week

    I got really tan on my arms and front but my back is fried(single no one to grease me up before work.

    Im not complaining i went from being fatigued during the day to just wanting to work
    I had to get a trainer to do this but im having min fatigue nomore worrying about how many cals how to train ect. nomore being blown out!

    I found some aloe gel think its fruit of the earth or something like that it has lidocaine andaloe in it its old but seems to help.

    Really need to get a girl friend i feel like gumby trying to get it on my back!!!

  6. Aloe Vera works well

  7. I have a topical cortisone + aloe cream that does wonders.


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