Mouth Ulcers !

  1. Mouth Ulcers !

    I get them often, definitely more often than your average human, what i wanted to know is what i could do to prevent mouth ulcers from occurring, and what sort of cures i could possibly try out,

    any help/advice and i'll be more then grateful as these ulcers are driving me absolutely insane
    mouth ulcers

  2. I used to get them ALL the time as well. Like 2 or 3 even 4 at a time, it was awful. Keep an eye on the amount of acidic foods you are eating, try and balance them with more alkalinic foods like greens, spinach, red skin potoatoes, stuff like that.

    If you do get one, couple of things that work good. Swishing buttermilk in your mouth 2x a day morning and night for a minute or two, and spitting it out. Also salt water, doing the same thing with it 2x a day morning and night will heal one faster than letting it heal in its own (which is at LEAST a week, and they get worse before they get better)

    Good luck bro.

  3. Drink more water. I noticed I get them more whenever I'm not drinking enough.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by joedf View Post
    Drink more water. I noticed I get them more whenever I'm not drinking enough.

    water is a 7 (neutral) on the PH scale, and if your stomach is above 7 and is in an acidic state, water will help bring it down closer to neutral, thus helping with your mouth ulcers.

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