I am stuffing my face full with as much food and protein shakes as possible. I dont know how else to get more in me.
    As of now im not eating enough calories a day to have adequate protein for my muscles. How can i shove more food in my face. Any medications special diets??? Any help is greatly appreciated

    An average day of food intake looks like so:

    Four eggs
    Wheat toast
    Orange Juice
    cottage cheese, strawberries, and pecans

    Protein Shake

    Chicken breast
    Wheat toast

    Protein shake

    High protein high car meal
    like steak and potatoes with veggies

  2. How many cals are you looking to get?

    Also what are you trying to do maintain bulk.
    Some stats and training routine would help also.

    Until then i can't help to much, your eating about what i am.
    Im training 7 days a week with sunday being a laid back more of a training day.
    My training is balanaced for my goals at this time.
    I do alot of running and mobility drills and a circuit lifting routine which is like weights and cardio rolled in 1.

  3. What has really helped me is pre plan and cook a few days worth of meals at a time. You'll end up cooking either loving or hating cooking. Also almonds are an easy way to up cals. If your eating 4 eggs for breakfast have 5-6 instead. Post up stats and goals and it will be easier to help.

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