Re-Comp setup

  1. Re-Comp setup

    Looking into carb-cycling protocol and am wondering how this would work for a 5x5 strength program (StrongLifts 5x5.).

    Monday - Training, Low carb (Morning, Pre and Post WO.)
    Tuesday - Rest, no carb.
    Wed - Training, Low carb (Morning, Pre and Post WO.)
    Thursday - Rest, no carb.
    Friday - Training, Low carb (Morning, Pre and Post WO.)
    Saturday - Refeed
    Sunday - Refeed.

  2. Looks more like a cut to me. Seems like not enough carbs to grow muscle except for on your weekend which unless your knocking out full body you may not get enough growth

  3. Depending on how intense you plan on lifting, you may wish to look into a TKD andor periodization.

    This thread caught my eye since I'm also looking to recomp soon, using a CKD/TKD and possibly a 5X5 routine.

    ZamaMan, you don't need carbs to grow. It's all about calories in VS calories out. Research The Anabolic Diet...

    The refeed / carb up is all about super-saturating your muscle with glycogen - which then lasts throughout the week, so you should have enough gas for your workouts before your next carb up. If not, TKD may be necessary, or you can periodize your training.

    Are you planning to sodium load while carb depleting / vice versa?

  4. Do you think a LowCarb, MediumCarb then Refeeds would be a better setup for a 5x5?

  5. why carb cycle with a 5x5 bulking routine???

  6. Maintain strength / recomp, or even bulk on a CKD.

    A lot of people carb cycle while bulking. The Anabolic diet is pretty popular.

  7. dont expect a recomp or ANY gains on that diet.
    you need more carbs and NO carbs on rest day is very bad in my op.
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  8. OP I know aboht the calories in versus calories out concept. This plan is not ideal but if you wanna take the slow road.
    You should sspend time learning martins lean gains style of recomping to speed things up

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Blergs View Post
    dont expect a recomp or ANY gains on that diet.
    you need more carbs and NO carbs on rest day is very bad in my op.
    I beg to differ;

    I did CKD and recomped extremely well. Gained strength, gained size and lost fat while doing this. Kept at 100 calories under maintenance and had pretty sizable improvements all around.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  10. I always use a CKD for a recomp, it gives me the best results. Why these people think daily carbs are needed for growth is beyond me. I think they just don't know how to eat enough without using carbs to boost calories. I actually hate high carb diets.


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