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    I'm starting a 4 week cycle of Formadrol Extreme today. I just wanted to make sure my diet was straight. I'm 35 yrs old, 190 lbs. Just finished a 5 week OxyElite Pro cut where I lost about 8 lbs of water-weight and body fat. I'm pretty lean, still have a 32" waist... I train Monday thru Thursday.

    7am - Quakers "Weight Control" Oatmeal & 45 gram Protein Shake
    9am - Turkey and swiss on multigrain flat bread, Protein bar, Banana.
    12pm - 1/2 lb. of low sodium turkey or 1/2 lb. of roast beef with half bag of steamed vegetables. (green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)
    3pm - Protein bar
    3:30pm - Mesomorph
    4pm - 5:30pm - Train
    5:30pm - 45 gram Protein Shake
    6pm - raw carrots, almonds, sliced cheddar, peanut butter
    9pm - lean ground beef or chicken or salmon or tuna, rice once a week, always a vegetable.

    I also take 5000mg of Vitamin C, 5000 IU of Vitamin D, fish oil & multivitamin

    I would be greatful for any advice.


  2. or not.

  3. Post your macros and you will probably get some response. Looks like most of your protein is coming some supps. so you may want to switch out for more whole food. Your fats might be a bit low as well but I'm not sure since you didn't post macros.

  4. More natural whole foods, What are your goals?

    I'd say add in some lean chicken/steak/hamburger good whole sources of protein, more veggies, and cut the multigrain bread, just eat the meat, some cheese, and a veggie or two.

  5. Not enough fat. Ideas: less oatmeal, but smother it with butter. Less processed lunch meat and more sliced steak and fish for lunch (pref grass fed/wild caught). Replace the peanut butter with almond butter. I'd also figure out a way to get coconut oil in there.

    Good on you for the veggie intake.

  6. I appreciate the feedback. I had almost forgot I posted this question. More fat, you say? Thats a hard concept for me to grasp, although I don't doubt your knowledge in the matter. My goals are to build lean muscle mass, probably the goal of 95% of the people on here. I wanna stay lean. No belly fat. Im on week 3 of my Formadrol / Fish oil / Mesomorph cycle. Because of my harsh cut 2 months back, I began to lose a bit of strength. Whether psychological or not, the Formadrol seems to be helping me gain the strength back without adding unwanted water weight. I did follow instruction and added in more lean meat...

  7. I started Krill oil about four days ago. Since them, I've been having really intense dreams (which is understandable). Does anyone know when the dreams should stop?

    Krill Doctor Professional

  8. Drink tons of water at least a gallon a day
    " Live for nothing or die for something"
    -John Rambo


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