Can one of you paleo guys explain red potatoes to me?

  1. Can one of you paleo guys explain red potatoes to me?

    Can someone give me a bit more in depth reasoning why red potatoes specifically are eaten by a lot of primal/paleo guys PWO for glycogen replenishment over sweet potatoes?

  2. i think because they don't have sugar in them like sweet potatoes.

  3. that would make them worse for post workout

  4. I didn't think they ate any kind of potatoes on that kind of diet. Hopefully someone who is actually on the diet will respond.

  5. My bro Anton will help us out, guaranteed

  6. I'm not a "paleo" guy or whatever it is, but I'm confident that there is ~5x more sugar (2-3g vs 11-12g) in a sweet potato than a red potato of equal size.

    For glycogen replenishment, any type of potato is great due to the high starch content in white, red, and sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes have a comparatively higher vitamin content, but also have a little but more naturally occurring fructose and sucrose than other varieties.

    But again, any potato would be a great choice here -- GI index can suck one

  7. Tubers are generally accepted for refeeds under Paleo diet. They're high in potassium and alkalinic. What makes them different from other forms of complex carbs is that they do not have gluten or lectins.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  8. I eat potatoes all day long when I diet and I get shredded as can be, i do better with red and white potatoes over sweet potatoes


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