Anyone have the anabolic diet manual in PDF? :)

  1. Talking Anyone have the anabolic diet manual in PDF? :)

    Done the first 2 weeks w/o carbs soo hard lol, went from 174-167.4 whoo, just want to read the manual now to get a better understanding of it and a carb load is involved with 2 full days? So far total weight loss is 47lb far since December down to 9% trying to get to 4-5 advice is accepted.

  2. I've got it give me your email and I will send it

  3. could ya send it to me too , ryan at

  4. why not buy it?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Steelwolf View Post
    why not buy it?
    I guess he likes to steal. I really don't understand why people will spend $50 or more on a supplement but won't spend money on a book on nutrition that would clearly help them out much much more than an supplement could.


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