Raw Vegetable and Fruit Juice Shots for Health

  1. Raw Vegetable and Fruit Juice Shots for Health

    What up guys?

    Just wanted to share a video that I created, on the fly.

    I've been doing vegetable and fruit juicing for several months now and I feel great...body feels good and mind is more focused and clear, calm.


    YouTube - Raw Vegetable and Fruit Juice SHOTS to Fuel the Eternal Adventure!

  2. why shot glasses? I throw a few ounces of berries, broccoli, carrot, spinach, etc. into a blender and drink it down. mixed with protein powder.

    or wss this a joke? lol
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  3. Lol, nice video, subbed to your channel.

  4. Did it with the shot glasses for entertainment effects...having a little fun with it. A little encouragement to those who have struggled with drinking to put some good stuff in there instead...

  5. Thanks man, shoot me a message on the tube, so I know who you are.



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