The Anabolic Diet best recomp diet?

  1. The Anabolic Diet best recomp diet?

    I've done CKD and TKD, and everytime I got to around 13%bodyfat, i'd lose strength and felt ***tty, even with perfect macros and weekly refeeds. I'd like to drop to 10-11%, but not by doing CKD. I've read great things about the AD but which is it better for, burning fat or building muscle?

    I'm so used to thinking that by being in ketosis for long periods of time is best for building muscle, but my body did not take to that well, and plus being so carb sensitive it gave me no energy (even with high fats) and I looked so tiny bc I can store lots of muscle glycogen quickly.

  2. look into the huge leangains thread.

    its the best recomp diet ive been on so far. second place would go to the ultimate diet 2.0.

    either way i will never ever do a keto diet again.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

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