Need a meal plan for alot of conditioning

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  1. I know about changing the order i was just giving a example of what i thought would be a full body workout.

    Always start new w/o with major part (chest,back,leg)and change and deload from week to week.(chest press to incline 1 week)6-8reps to 2x 10 something like that right?

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    yeah, I actually did different exercises per body part for each of the 3 days. so if the day was chest primary i'd do flat presses, but do decline + incline the other days. Back primary i'd do deadlifts, but do pulldowns and rows the other days, and legs i'd do squats primary and leg press or extensions the other days. So on the heavy day where it is the first exercise do the serious compound, and do less compound for the other body parts
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  3. Gotcha how'd it work for ya(strengh,post fatigue,recovery,size,ect)
    And sets and reps you were using
    Just want a idea how its work.

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    eh it worked ok. Recovery was a bit rough for me, but mine is relatively poor anyhow. I did make some decent overall progress, but I was more of a recomp mode than gains. I was shooting for 24-40 reps total per exercise, so it would be 3 sets of 8 for the primary, and 2 or 3 sets of 12-20 for the others. I don't work out for strength as my tendons tend to fail first when I do.
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  5. Don't like the part about recovery im in the same boat.
    But thanks for your time and the info.


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