pan-broiled with what -

pan-broiled with what

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    pan-broiled with what

    Should I be pan-broiling with butter? I just tried it this morning and it works well...

    The butter is made from pasteurized cream, and since cream is milk fat, the butter’s saturated fat structure would be short to medium chain fatty acids, thus a good choice, because these fatty acids are more easily converted into energy. Agree? Opposed to olive oil or some other mono/poly saturated oil with long chain fatty acids.

    Ideally I would like to use coconut oil or palm kernel oil (because of the mcfa’s) for pan broiling but their smoke point is just too weak; it dissolves fast…
    It is processed, is it a good choice? There is a relationship of butter and health negatives burned into my mind from the news, the poor western diet, etc.. It is processed, is it a good choice? Should I just stick with using water?

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    If you're going to use butter, you should probably try to find some organic, grass fed/grass finished butter and that should be fine for pan-broiling. I personally use EVCO though..

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