Carb cycling bulking and being on cycle

  1. Carb cycling bulking and being on cycle

    So I found this carb cycling diet on simply shredded. Its basics are 1g protein per pound of bodyweight. Carbs are moderate high about 1.2 for four days and 2g for eight days. cyled repeatedly, Fats are kept low as possible.

    Now if Im on a test dbol cycle wouldnt wouldnt this be stupid since aas help greatly with protein synthesis? I typically eat more protein on, closer to two grams per pound of weight.

    But If the above diet is good as long as your over maintenance it should work right? I would prefer it since carbs are cheap

  2. keeping fats as low as possible will destroy your testosterone production. this diet is nonsense.
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  3. Thanks for the answer, But if I were on test and dbol I dont think I would need to worry about test production

  4. yes you would. your endocrine system depends on a supply of saturated fat. in fact, a large percentage of your body is made up of saturated fat. decreasing dietary fat intake is the worst possible thing you can do in bodybuilding, especially on cycle.

    the high carb diet will result in mostly fat gain. constant spiking of blood sugar with complex carbs will lead to fat gain and insulin insensitivity. your diet should be a balanced one. eat 1 gram + of protein per pound of bodyweight. whole eggs, red meat, variety of vegetables. use complex carbs like red/sweet potatoes for right after workouts for glycogen replenishment.

    eat 2 dozen eggs a day and 2 pounds of beef and you'll grow good solid muscle with minimal fat gain.
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  5. Listen to Anton dude. Our goals aren't exactly the same, me being a bodybuilder first and foremost, but I've learned quite a bit about dieting reading his posts, and diet advice is something that can be applied to any goal no matter what it is.



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