Doing more and more fat?

  1. Doing more and more fat?

    I have been training around kickboxing.
    Changed mt b/b lifting routine 5days w/k to a 4 day plan with olmpic stlye lifts in the mix.
    I've been doing morning training with a heavy-bag every morning 80-85%h/r for 2x 45min and 3x 20-30min with this one doing sit-ups,crunchs,jump-squats,push-ups takes around 45min to an hour.
    Then in eve i lift for an hour and do hiit/conditioning (box-jumps,sled drags,prowler,hill sprints)
    I was doing morning training with x-tend at first but got to much fatigue later on in day.So i started to drink whey and it helped.

    For the 45min bag i started to eat a orange also.Fatigue was about same.
    My h/r stays around 80-85% for 45min.So im burning carbs.
    Whats going on is that this week i did alot more training my lifting isn't as long now but i gained a lb, and .3%b/f

    Got more fatigue during day.I didn't do any cardio ar very little post lifting doing b/b routine(took 1.5hrs int.)

    The orange is really only thing that i changed .
    I woke up this morning thinking i'd be in the bottom 10% range from all my training.Can't really do anymore i push myself until i can't go anymore to the point of dropping dead!

    It's got me puzzled.
    I got a total of 6hrs a week in just on heavy-bag around 10-15miles of running and sprinting and then all of conditioning which is around 3-4hrs aweek .

  2. I also don't eat anything different from day to day.Only thing that changes is my training.
    I do take in less cals(carbs on wed,sat,sun)no lifting.
    With the more training im way more hungery then usally.
    I don't eat anymore.But could my body be holding on to fat to save cals for my training??
    This being why the fatigue?My bmr is 1950cals and tdee is around 3700cals.For 2x training.
    I've been eating around 3300cals and it seems the more i eat the more enegy and fat loss.

  3. your overtraining, and your body is refusing to make changes because your run down. Your metabolism sounds like its gone the opposite route and is fighting change

  4. How do i fix this???

  5. Some time off about 2 weeks maybe, sleep, rest, lots of water and good clean food. When you start easing back into training your body will be more inclined to change.
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  6. I just started back up.
    I took two weeks off changed my diet.
    Like tomorrow i'll(hope)feel good because sundays i get everything ready for week.(rest)
    Im starting i new diet this week with less fat and more carbs.

    The fatigue only comes "after"i eat and its not to bad after lunch.Breakfast was bad before i drank the shake but that helped alot.

    Think im going to eat my way out off this!LOL
    I get a boost of energy before a meal thats why i said about holding on to energy.
    I have another post also i've been taking about every set to failure.I notice with small parts(arms)it's not bad.Yesturday i did squats,deads,leg-curls,stiff-leg deads with a 100burbee's and 15min stepper.Im now super fatigue more of a cns thing a think.

    I haven't had energy after lifting in mybe a year??


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