The Great Cannabis Debate

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by purebred View Post
    Honestly, I have too much going on to have time to be high LOL. I've stopped smoking. It definitely doesn't enhance my studying since my memory is affected. I don't have time for it. I'm not one of those "functional pot users". I'd probably function better on a glass of wine.l
    Me too! There's NO way I could go to school, and be a pothead, even if not high during class. Just couldn't do it!


  2. Carl Sagan blew the **** outta some cheebah and he's probably one of the top 30 smartest people in all of civilization ever, so if the academic nature of this conversation is scaring people away, read that and not the rest of this post.

    There are POTENTIAL neural benefits, increased NGF (but could possibly lead to earlier on-set schizophrenia in those susceptible), anti-acetylcholinesterase activity, ghrelin activity, etc. There are POTENTIAL other medicinal benefits for diabetes, cancer, pain relief, fibromyalgia, nausea, protection against ocular disease, etc. However, because of the American propoganda machine, studies against marijuana should be taken worth a grain of salt, and studies in favor of marijuana are still infantile and there is still much to be discussed and discovered.

    What we know for sure is that many people truly do benefit from marijuana over other drugs given, the lethal dose in unheard of, the toxic dose is theoretical, and the therapeutic dose is relatively low. It's cheap, effective, and MUCH safer than 99% of other psychiatric medications, as well as most other medications. It widespread use for as long as civilization has existed is a testament to it's safety, ease of growth, and benefits.

    Here's a stat: tobacco related deaths per year: ~459,000
    alcohol: ~150,000
    marijuana: ~0

    Now there are potential clinical benefits to moderate use of both tobacco and alcohol as well, but that is NOT why people use alcohol and tobacco. So how hypocritcal is it that the ONLY way marijuana, a naturally growing plant, can be used is for medicinal purposes? We could get into the history of marijuana, why it was made illegal, unjustly listed as a Schedule 1 drug, why it remains illegal because of pharmaceutical and corporate interest as well as rogue agencies clamoring for more funding, but that is really irrelevant because we ALL know it's stupid.

    What is really relevent in AMERICA today is the mounting deficit that we have accumulated, and these are the things legalizing marijuana (or all drugs for that matter) could do. Anti-drug enthusiasts love to pretend the prohibition of the 20's didn't happen, but it did. What happened to that? Well the Mob got rich, alcohol consumptino didn't decline, crime went up.

    Why would we employ the same strategy again? The main source of income for gangs is drug money, how do we take that away? Well, maybe take the money out of their hands and give it to the government through taxes. Billions of dollars could be generated just from the TAXES of marijuana.

    In addition to less gang activity, the main problem at the border in both the US and Mexico is drug running. This could instantly be emaliorated. When drug dealers DON'T want you to legalize something, maybe you shoudl consider legalizing. Now that there aren't drugs crossing the border, this frees up border agents to prevent further illegal immigration if that's your thing, too.

    We have a HUGE problem with prison overcrowding, especially in California as we have recently see. 1 million are non-violent drug users, and half of federal prisoners are in for drug crimes. Prison reform's another story entirely, so I wont' get into that.

    A huge problem with the drug market is the merging of soft and hard drugs. Make soft drugs OTC, kids won't be exposed to cocaine by their drug dealer when they go buy weed. Obviously I don't think drugs should be allowed in schools either, but that's a stupid point considering alcohol and tobacco are legal, so just make 18 the legal age. Marijuana use among college students is astounding already anyway.

    All we're doing by making marijauna illegal is perpetuating the hydra effect and profit paradox. Because marijuana is so easy to grow, cracking down makes it harder to get away with, but only hard enough to drive up the cost of drugs and potential reward of dealing *profit paradox*. The *Hydra Effect* is that of which when one operation is shutdown, it's so easy to grow that two more pop up elsewhere.

    Finally, we've established tobacco and alcohol are much more dangerous and harmful than marijuana. Use of marijuana COULD decrease use of both of these drugs, which is a big reason why the number 1 contributers to anti-drug commercials are tobacco and alcohol companies. What about K2? It is a much more dangerous alternative to marijauna created only because marijuana is illegal.

    And forgetting all of that, even though the Tea Partyers are douchebags, they are correct that government has no place legislating our morality or personal decisions that don't adversely affect anyone else.

  3. I hate getting into political or non-fitness related discussions on this board, but I'll leave you with this article about cutting lung cancer tumors in half in rats using marijuana.

    @Skeetkwando on twitter

  4. Quote Originally Posted by DAdams91982 View Post
    Were you high when you typed this beautiful post?
    no i was rushing because I needed to go but liked the thread lol
    LG Sciences Board Rep
    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, do not constitute medical advice, and are not official or authorized comments by LG Sciences, LLC.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by diablosho View Post
    Ya know, that DUI may be the best thing to ever happen to me in my life (although it is still very difficult financially even 6 years later). I was going down the WRONG path at that time (very self-destructive), and after the DUI, I decided to straighten out my life (already had two drug-charges before the DUI). Now, I'm an Air Force veteran, and straight-A college student aspiring to be a Computer Programmer. Never saw any of this in my future back then, and I thank God all the time that I was stopped before I killed someone (or myself), ruined my future, or both!
    Don't use this in this forum as evidence that MJ is harmful. I know plenty of people who "abuse" it in very prestigious colleges, and they are some of the most brilliant, intelligent, driven, natural leaders out of everyone I have met.

    If someone is going to go down the wrong path, they will do so anyways. These people will seek out drugs as an escape. Drugs. Not just MJ. Anything that will help them ignore their suppressed emotional issues.

    However, most normal, happy people do not use MJ as an escape, but rather as an extremely beneficial stress reduction tool, alternative to the extremely dangerous alcohol and tobacco products.

    The health benefits of this non-carcinogenic, non-toxic to liver, stress-relieving chemical that is produced naturally by a plant far exceed the negatives. And by benefits I mean a significantly increased life span due to a decrease in chronic stress levels as well as a happier, more relaxed and easy-going persona. (Not to mention the developing medical potential of the plant as it is studied more and more-- shown to slow tumor growth and reverse Alzheimer's, among other wonder-effects that no other pharmaceutical agents have come close to imitating)
    And by negatives I mean temporarily paralyzed cilia of the lungs. Which is not permanent, nor harmful to general health. And can be avoided through oral ingestion or vaporization.

    Based on personal interactions with and long-term observations of habitual users, I have consistently come to the conclusion that a person's emotional state greatly benefits from habitual use of MJ. In addition, these people usually tend to develop improved moral sets and a greater ability to understand abstract concepts.

    The only negative personality changes result from an obsession with money developed from dealing, which is only a problem due to the illegal nature of the plant.

    Finally, the greatest benefit I could see is for habitual alcohol and tobacco users to drop these destructive habits and turn to a more effective alternative that has absolutely no health detriments that cannot be avoided.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by diablosho View Post
    Ha, I just found that Schedule II drugs (which are "more accepted" than Schedule I) include: Cocaine, Morphine, Oxycodone, Ritalin, and Dexedrine (Dextroamphetamine). Schedule III: Valium, Xanax, Codeine, Hydrocodone, etc.

    So now, to recap, according to our government:
    Marijuana has no medicinal value, and is more unsafe than: Cocaine, Morphine, Oxycodone, Ritalin, Dexedrine, Valium, Xanax, Codeine, Hydrocodone,

    and is as unsafe as: Heroin, LSD, and Ecstasy!

    Do we really need a research study to get marijuana scheduled differently? Probably not. As such, I believe this is pretty clear evidence of a federal bias against marijuana, for whatever reason, but to think that bias wouldn't carry over into it's decisions on what marijuana studies to fund is, I believe, kinda ludicrous.
    I like what you are trying to say. But you are giving MJ and yourself a bad rap in the process. Educate yourself about the science of these chemicals before you lay claim to their effects.

    Heroin extremely negatively alters your brain chemistry after a single administration. Don't do it. Not even once.

    The schedule II substances that should all be schedule I are not because lobbyists for pharmaceutical companies (with nearly unlimited lobbying funds) ensure that they can continue to market these drugs for monetary gain. They also lobby to keep MJ illegal, since it would blow almost all pharmaceutical anti-anxiety, anti-depression, and chronic painkiller drugs away in terms of effectiveness and safety (because you can't patent nature, and THC alone does not exhibit the benefits that the MJ plant does with its various CBD's in addition to THC.)

    LSD and Ecstasy are like MJ. They are wonder drugs with amazing, mind-blowingly effective potential for psychiatric use in depression, end-of-life anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, correcting negative personality qualities, among many other proven medical uses. However, a few idiots who can't handle their sh** made a bad case for these as well and managed to have these made illegal. LSD was propagated by the US Government among its military. The government supported its use, and did use it, on a massive scale. LSD was only made illegal due to its very fast gain in popularity across the country, and mainly due to a very small amount of "bad trips" that helped people identify their suppressed issues, and usually those people actually solved those problems once they realized they were present.

    Timothy Leary, Albert Hofmann, and Alexander Shulgin were some of the most brilliant men to grace this planet. They realized the psychotherapeutical potential for such chemicals, but unfortunately, the lesser intelligent members of the country began to abuse these drugs like they would any others, and destroyed the potential these drugs may have had in medical practice.

  7. I just pray people have the balls to stand up and do what is right rather than do what many currently do- blame their own failures on a substance.

    Sugar (sucrose) is extremely addictive. Far more so than THC. Think about that.

    Drugs are chemicals ingested for their ability to induce a specific physiological response. By definition, every food and drink you consume is actually a mix of drugs your body requires just to function. Higher levels of certain nutrients and vitamins stimulate positive physiological responses that most people do not experience, as they are nutritionally deficient. Maybe everyone is just THC deficient. Woah.

    It is the average American's nature to put money first, with morals and health behind that. This is why we still create energy using fossil fuels, have failed health and education systems, and continue to prosecute those people who are intelligent enough to realize what is right and wrong in this country and consequently stand up against some idiotic laws put into place often simply for personal political interests rather than in the interest of the country and it's people.

  8. Hey guys can marijuana lower my test levels? I'm not talking about regular use. Basically I'll be straight with u guys, I've liked this girl for about 4 years but she has a bf and she smokes weed alot and we're good friends. I told her I'd smoke with her once, but I don't like doing anything that lowers testosterone. If I smoke it will it mess up my workout week?

  9. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that marijuana definitely has something hormonal about it (so do cigarettes). Anything that alters your mood plays with your hormones (for the most part). Stimulants alter cortisol/dopamine/prolactin, narcotics alter estrogen/testosterone/dopamine/prolactin, hallucinagens alter dopamine/prolactin, as such, one can only assume marijuana would alter at least dopamine and prolactin (which is negatively inhibited by dopamine, and the lack of dopamine would mean the rise in prolactin). Not to mention a lot of potheads have gyno...just sayin!

  10. I don't think many people know that THC, in it's synthetic form known as Marinol, is in fact legal under federal law and is schedule III (available by perscription, considered to be non-narcotic, and to have low risk of physical and mental dependence as defined by the Controlled Substances Act) and the natural form of THC, Marijuana, is schedule I. (the drug has high potential for abuse, or the drug has no currently accepted medical use as defined by the Controlled Substances Act) There's also a little saying, god made weed, man made beer, in god we trust.

    As far as side effects, I've experienced none.

  11. Don't plan on doing it often, just don't want it to mess up my workout week. This girl is hot yeah lol

  12. I'm not worried at all about weed lowering my test. lol.

    I enjoy it more than a couple times a week and it never affects my workouts.. Now alcohol, that will affect my workouts!

  13. i always found that bulking on post-workout pot was far easier. it makes me eat and sleep (two major anabolic factors) and it dilates blood vessels, making sure your muscles get oxygen. only downside was the decreased motivation if i smoked PRE work out (and your work out will suck too, so it's best saved for afterwards.)

    not to mention it kills the muscle pain!


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