Healthy drink for hair. help

  1. Healthy drink for hair. help

    Hello . i have hair fall problem. kindly tell me some good and healthy drinks for my hair. I heard that hair fall happen due to some shortage of cells in the body. So give me some ideas about some food, drink any thing which is good for hair fall. Thanks

  2. Johnny Walker Black and bacon.

  3. Finasteride, Minoxidil, and Nizoral 2%.

  4. loss of hair is down to genetics-look at your father and or his father.Taking androgens -ie steroids over the counter or not can contribute to it as well.

    there is no magic potion for restoring hair . shampoos only work whilest you use them , after stopping them hair falls out again.
    A good diet contributes to healthy hair but not neceesarily stop it falling out -imo

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