i haven't taken a..(keto)

  1. i haven't taken a..(keto)

    poop in forever haha

    which makes we wonder 1. why and 2. why I usually do when I eat carbohydrates> What is poop really made out of, excess carbohydrates? only excess carbohydrates?

    Well im on a keto diet, restricted calories and no carbs and no poo, Am I literally eating and burning the same amount of calories, resulting in no poo?

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    Fiber obviously helps with bowel movements. And this is just excess waste from your body; not just from carbohydrates (though I do know what you're talking about, as I have less bowel movements when on CKD). Are you doing carb refeeds? And if so, when / how?

    The other thing is, just because it's a keto diet, don't eat a ton of cheese - this obviously wouldn't help your issue.
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  3. Very common issue while on a keto diet as they can be pretty low residue. I usually take sugar free Metamucil every morning with couple glasses of water when I have this issue. Also eat your green veggies, broccoli, spinach etc are good fiber sources that are also low carb.

  4. eat a ton of broccoli, that will do the trick. also could drink a little olive oil and/or Apple Cider Vinegar
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  5. I take about 4g of Vit C a day, helps out with that too.
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