Wake up, tired again in 30 minutes...

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  1. Guys, today I woke up and did some FASTED HIIT cardio then into some weights and felt AMAZING!!!!

    Just got back so now consuming a shake as I type this.

    I felt so good in fact I'm going to keep doing this for a while. Seems that when I eat solids I have less energy and this makes sense as the body using up a lot of energy to digest food. This may explain why shakes for some people first thing before workout works better than solid food as there is less digestion taking place.

    I have done fasting in the past for as long as 5 days in a row. I lost 50 lbs from 220 to 170 a few years ago fasting 24-28 hours once a week for 7 months..... and read then that according to yogis who practice fasting they have always been well aware of how much energy it takes to digest food. It makes sense as when you eat and then workout your body is having to do TWO major things that may put it into conflict energy wise.

    Have also read in the past that weights in fasted state releases more GH.

  2. Get rid of the waffles for better nutrition and make sure you are taking in vitamins and nutrients. This with exercise should give you more energy. If possible mid day nap always helps me. No more than 30 minutes.


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