Ejaculation delay?

  1. Ejaculation delay?

    Ok, so had NOT A CLUE where to post this haha. Figured it is a "health" related issue considering my sex life is the only thing that keeps me mentally healthy and sane.

    So here's the deal lately. I have, throughout my whole life, always worn a wrapper, basically my entire life, probably count very little on the times I have raw'd it, so I've been used to that to say the least.

    Been now dating a girl for a while and she went to the doc, I went to the doc, we're both clean, she's on the pill, so of course, why not just go al natural right? And so we have.

    Few comments: God damn it sure as **** feels a whole lot better without that freaking wrap, I've been missing out... But I sure as hell never want to have the chance of spreading kids around the world nor get something, so anyways... Well, it feels a lot better, which is awesome, but at the same time... God damn it, it feels a lot better and therefore much much harder for me to control myself now.

    So I've still got some control but the added feeling really doesn't help when I'm gunning for the long sessions, I'm sure I'll adapt with time but for right now I could use a few extra minutes. So, insights on supplements or whatnot that could help?
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  2. Never enough
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    Nothing reliable that doesn't run the risk of you not being able to get off at all.
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  3. take breaks while using your mouth. 1-3 beers can do the trick, that will decrease sensitivity. adopt a more passionate style because you cant really pound away when going no rub, unless like i said you had some beers.
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  4. i know some people like 5-htp for this purpose. it is an amino acid said to raise seratonin, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. increased seratonin will lengthen the time until ejaculation. I've used 5-htp before for other reasons, and noticed no increase in "time" so how reliable it is, I can not say.

  5. You could just go for a round 2.

    I've *heard* that when you take a leak, if you start and stop a bunch that will build the muscle that controls ejaculations....that's not really even broscience though so take it for what its worth

  6. practice makes perfect. Just keep it at. When you about to blow ur load, slow down, and even if thats too much, switch positions. Also apply anton's suggestions, those are good too
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  7. Thank you guys, will give it a try, and yeah, I'm sure it's just some getting used to.

    I have some pretty good control with the muscles that stop it, but it also makes me have to take a quick breaker. And this isn't sometihng I'm stressing out too much over, it's just going from a 30 min fun to a 15min fun, hell, 15 is still good for me, but if there was some supp for it out there I figured I could give it a try.
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  8. yea but if you take breaks and eat the girl out for a couple minutes then you can go for an hour if you want. ive mastered this
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