Hot Tub and Sauna?

  1. Hot Tub and Sauna?

    So, I was thinking yesterday as a part of my daily workout routine I went to the hot tub after my cardio and before my shower.

    Was sitting there and started wondering: is there any real health related benefits of either Sauna or Hot Tub?

    I know the Hot Tub helps kinda relax the muscles and all, and that's why I sit there, just feels nice for a few minutes.

    Also know that Sauna helps you shed some water in your body, but pretty much gets all back once you drink a few ounces of water, so what's the bottom line? Do they help anything? Detoxing? Weight Loss? I mean, anything at all that would give me extra motivation to sit there in the sauna or the hot tub?
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  2. May be bro science, but from what I have been told, sweating in the sauna is a way to get some toxins out of your body. Don't quote me on this, as it is merely what I was told.

  3. A sauna actually burns cals from body trying to cool down and does detox your body(wipe off sweat)Hot tub same with cals and is better for you after exercise,sauna usally before(warm-up)

  4. I would go to whichever one has hotter women in...

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