Good diet or bad?

  1. Good diet or bad?

    Hi guys i posted my diet before abd with dome of your help you got me thinking so i was up late last night making mh diet,

    8am 100g of oats , shake

    11am 4 boild eggs 2 yolks 4 whites
    With 3 weetabix

    2pm 100g of fresh cooked steak with 50g of pasta

    4pm gym till 520pm shake

    630pm 200g of fresh cooked chicken woth veg on 2 slices of brown bread

    830p can of tuna

    10pm beans with abit of cheese and a shake with skimed milk

    ... Now i have 3 shakes aday the first one is 24g of pro the other 2 are 48g of pro.

    I have added it up and with out my shakes it comes to just 2000 cal aday

    71g fat/ 169carb/ 166 pro/

    Thats with out the shakes

    I have done my best i cant go gym 2day as i was up late last night trying to do this right i want lean gains ,
    Abit about me if you dont already know..... Age 21 trainng 6 months benching 72kg skquting 100kg deadlefting 90kg hight 5,6 5,7 wieght 182bls

    Hit me up guys could do with the thumps up if its good thanks .

    Now i have 3 shakes aday i have added it all up

  2. First what are you trying to do?
    Im guessing cutting eating 2000cal.
    If your bulking you need alot more cals then that.
    Cutting depending on your training i still don't think that is enough.
    Im 33 at 180 and i lose weight at 2200cal without exercise.
    I also train 2x day 5days aweek eating 3200cal which isn't enough.
    So even with the shakes your looking at 300cal more giving ya 2300cals. a day

  3. Thanks slot bro for the reply ... I wouldnt say im training to cut bro i kust would like lean muscle while losing bodyfat and i dont lose sny muscle at all i never go down i always stay at 182bls and 183bls never changes so what you think i should do?

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