Doing the palumbo keto diet. Actually feel great on the diet now that I have adjusted. I'm coming up to my second refeed meal and am looking for some suggestions as to how I can time it best to be advantageous to a tuesday at noon chest workout. Chest is my lagging body part simply because ive only been training it for 3 years because throughout high school and college I was focused on real hard rock climbing training. Although I still climb, Im not climbing as hard just for the sake of my joints and because Ive been gaining weight over the last 3 years through a strict lifting program. Anyways. Tuesday at noon I lift chest. Although many turn the refeed meal into a cheat day, I dont feel im going to have a problem just making it a meal. I am pretty focused and not even craving it.

Option A- 200-250 g carbs through wheat pasta and protein with USPlabs Pslin the last meal of the night on Monday.

Option B-200-250 g carbs or so through Whey/oats/ waxy maizy blended delight. LOL/ with pslin, around the first meal of the day at like 8 am Tuesday. then do a quick whey shake say 45 minutes prior to workout.

Option C- What do you think would be better if not these two ideas? Open to advice for sure!

First refeed was more of a half cheat day. It is my first time trying keto and I rewarded myself a little too much. So two big meals, definitely got me a little tired. I am hoping if I ingest option B) early enough, and take the pslin and a solid preworkout (fresh receptors no stims for last 3 months), I will be able to offset the tired feeling of ingesting all the carbs and use the carbs as best as possible to power through a grueling chest day.

What do you guys think?