Dirty dozen?

  1. Dirty dozen?

    I glanced at some nutritional brochure at work today and noticed a topic titled "the dirty dozen". It listed apples, peaches,kale, celery, and a few other fruits/veggies that I assume they are stating should be avoided or at least minimized.
    Whats the deal? I know some fruits/veggies have more of a negative impact on glucose levels but at what point should I not have another apple?

  2. I think they meant that those are some of the one's that contain the most bacteria at stores.That you should oppt for more organic ones something with how they ship them and display them.

  3. its definitely about them being actually dirty. sucks that kale is on that list, its really an incredible thing to eat.
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  4. Cool, so they meant literally dirty. Nothing a little ajax can't handle! thanks for the replies.

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