Please Help Me

  1. Please Help Me

    Hi everyone,

    Its been a little over a week since i've decided to stop using stimulants. I was taking EC 2x a-day, 4 caps of RPMs pre workout, and Alpha T2 3x a-day. I was on that for 4months! STUPID ME. The first few days was hell! I was so fatigued and i'm currently in school with my toughest semester yet! NOT IDEAL!

    Ok the problem: Since i've been off, I have been craving junk food so much and i've been giving in almost every time. I don't have any willpower to hold back! I can't control myself and after I eat the junk, I want to pass out!

    What the heck is wrong with me?!
    Why am I craving uncontrollably?
    Why do I have zero will power?
    Why do I want to knock out everytime?

    Thanks everyone

  2. I would suspect adrenal burnout. Which to my understanding results from your hormones being thrown out of whack. After being on for so long it may be a good idea to taper down your doses rather than just quitting cold turkey. Try drinking real brewed green tea (not the crap thats bottled and full of sugar) to help with the fatigue and headaches you might have. Drink lots of water, and sleep as much as you can. You may want to take a week or two off from training as well. Symptoms like junk food cravings are also a sign of high levels of stress hormones.
    Hopefully you have learned not to become dependent on supplements, I was in a similar situation not long ago. That being said you may want to try "balancing" herbs such as rhodiola rosea:, or ashwagandha New Chapter is a good brand to look into.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  3. Lots of B-complex will help too.

  4. It sucks buddy i did exact same thing.I would and i do cause i now have a thyroid problem and adrenal fatigue is do not go cold turkey you'll already misable so wake up,drink a cup of strong coffee for a week.Take some green tea extract mid-morning and after lunch.Its working for me and as far as a pre workout if you use one you have to cut almount in half for awhile or just use arginine,creatine,beta-alanine but you have to ween yourself off.As for the cravings try 5-htp that should stop those and it helps with being in a better mood.

  5. Also try using sea salt 3x a day 1/2tsp. Also sugar,stress,unrefined carbs will tax the glands more so if you need carbs try apples,bluberries,stawberries, ect(no banannas)keep every thing low glyc.and see if that helps.



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