Clean bulk. 165lbs.

  1. Post Clean bulk. 165lbs.

    These were my meals when I weighed 165lbs. Got some good gains.
    There are alternative meals listed. Basically, you should eat one of each of these a day. 8 meals total. If this isn't an option, you can eat half the amount of meals with twice the amount of food. I have started subsituting certain things as my knowledge has developed, but I'm posting this for a friend that weighs a little less than I did then. I formulated these meals and calculated all the macronutrients myself, there may be some innacuracies. My apologies for that in advance. I hope this comes in handy.
    Note: The meals aren't fancy or amazingly tasty, but they get the job done.

    Workout Boost
    Workout Recovery
    Post workout meal
    Afternoon Snack
    Night Surplus

    1 x Pack of Shredded Wheat
    300ml / Milk
    1 x Tangerine
    14g Mixed Nuts
    200g Egg Whites

    Protein: 39.32g
    Carbs: 50.96g
    Fat: 9.4g

    40g Porridge
    200ml Nonfat Yoghurt
    100g Egg Whites
    14g Mixed Nuts

    Protein: 26.4g
    Carbs: 33.1g
    Fat: 11.5g

    Workout Boost A:
    1 x Apple
    1 x Tangerine
    1 x Scoop Preworkout
    5g Dextrose

    Carbs: 41.1g

    Workout Boost B:
    140g Sweet corn
    1 x Grapefruit
    1 x Preworkout

    Carbs: 55.5g

    Workout Boost C:
    1 x Apple
    1 x Banana
    1 x Scoop Preworkout

    Carbs: 51g

    Workout Recovery:
    5g Creatine
    2 x Scoop BCAA
    30g Waxy maize
    -30 minutes later-
    30g Whey

    Protein: 29g
    Carbs: 31g
    Fat: 0g

    Post-workout Meal A:

    60g Wholegrain Pasta
    100g Chicken Breast
    7g Mixed Nuts
    6g Soy Protein

    Protein: 39.72g
    Carbs: 39.6g
    Fat: 10g

    Post-workout Meal B (Run):

    50g Wholegrain Rice
    130g Tuna
    14g Mixed Nuts
    100g Egg Whites

    Protein: 37.3g
    Carbs: 40.7g
    Fat: 10.1g

    Post Workout Meal C:

    50g Wholegrain Rice
    100g Salmon Filet
    200g Egg Whites

    Protein: 45.6g
    Carbs: 37.5g
    Fat: 13.5g

    Post Workout Meal D:

    1 x Banana
    400ml Yoghurt
    25g Soy Protein
    14g Nuts

    Protein: 43.49g
    Carbs: 46.15
    Fat: 8.39

    Afternoon Snack:
    1 x Scoop BCAA powder
    125g Kidney Beans
    100g Spinach
    10 Sugar Snaps
    130g Tuna
    14g Nuts

    Protein: 33.25g
    Carbs: 17.2g
    Fat: 8g

    Dinner A:
    100g Raw Broccoli
    200g Spinach
    10 Sugar Snaps
    110g Beef
    125g Kidney Beans
    200ml Milk

    Protein: 45.25g
    Carbs: 30.9g
    Fat: 7.55g

    Dinner B (Run):
    125g Kidney Beans
    200g Spinach
    10 Sugar Snaps
    110g Veal
    100ml Milk

    Protein: 43.45g
    Carbs: 19.95g
    Fat: 9.25g

    Dinner C:
    130g Tuna
    100g Egg whites
    40g Oatmeal
    14g Nuts

    Protein: 49.15g
    Carbs: 27.2g
    Fat: 8g

    Dinner D (Run):
    100g Salmon Filet
    200g Spinach
    200ml Milk
    100g Egg Whites
    100g Sugar Snaps

    Protein: 45.6g
    Carbs: 20.2g
    Fat: 12g

    Dinner E:
    125g Kidney Beans
    200g Spinach
    10 Sugar Snaps
    100g Chicken
    100ml Milk

    Protein: 45.45g
    Carbs: 19.95g
    Fat: 10.45g

    Night Surplus:

    Dinners A - E

    The reason some of them say "run" next to them is because on a day where I don't lift weights I do a 3 mile run. My nutritional needs are slightly different on these days, but you don't have to take this into account. You can treat it as a normal meal. I put a lot of research into formulating this meal plan. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

  2. lold at "brunch" but why not call them meals #1-7? your "boost" is not a meal(no protein). it would be easier to read also if u posted your macros and not your weekly meal menu

  3. Thanks for your response.

    The reason I called them as such is because I wanted to be clear as to what time of day each should be ingested. The "boost" indeed is not a meal as such, but to my mind is a vital part of my daily nutrition. To have left it out would have resulted in it lacking an integral part. The macronutrients are listed for each meal, did you mean overall daily macronutrient intake?

  4. yeah daily macro intake

  5. lol @ boost.

  6. Haha, I'm glad that it amused you... I wasn't sure what else to call it. Thanks for your productive feedback.


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