Day before preparations?

  1. Day before preparations?

    I am like everyone else on this board who wants to gain muscle and feel good. Lately I have not been able to keep up a good consistancy with workout days. We all miss going to the gym occasionally and keeping up with our normal work outs. Some of us end up missing a week or two,and some a month or two. This comes as part of life. The biggest factor is that you get back on the horse and give it your all again. My question is what do you guys do to physically and mentally prepare for hitting the gym the day before your "comeback"

    I don't use my normal protein or supplementation, but instead cleanse my body of all the "toxins" and other "demons" that caused me to miss my beloved sport. I drink double the amount of water then I normally do, for hydration and flushing out my system. I amp up mentally with researching a new routine, because I think my comeback deserves a fresh start. I am thinking about incorporating a stretching routine into my preday too.

    What do others do for mental and physical preparation?

  2. you probably want to get your diet straightened out. eat a ton of good calories, give the body some fuel for the next day.

    i dont really know, i havent stopped since i was 20. no matter what is going on with my life I cant make it longer than a week without lifting or training MMA.
    BJJ = life

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