turkey burgers?

  1. turkey burgers?

    I cook turkey burgers on a george forman, but i have noticed that htey are labeled high in fat like 26 grams of fat. I know a lot of guys eat them are they ok to eat or should i avoid them? I am in a cut, i have a good diet, and would like your guys advice!

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    It's all about total macros. They make different varieties of turkey burgers, just like they do regular beef. I'd suggest finding those that have less fat (98% fat free) or go with some 96/4 lean beef.
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  3. Fat won't kill you.

  4. I feel like it would depend on what else you are eating throughout the day.....and how many turkey burgers you want. I have Jennie-O turkey burgers and they are like 190 cals a piece and 9g of fat, taste good too....but if you are eating low fat the rest of the day, maybe you need the extra fat......

  5. The ground turkey in my area thats sold is either 93/7 fat or 99% fat free. Can't go wrong with either.

  6. Don't forget you're tossing them on a george foreman...

    The huge amount of fat that you see on the little tray? Probably a good amount of those 23% that you see advertised on the package.

    You should be fine either way.

  7. I mix it 50-50 with lean ground sirlion. Taste a whole lot better.

  8. you need fat... but define "good diet"


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