When is it time to see an endocrinologist

  1. When is it time to see an endocrinologist

    Nearing 32 y.o some things aren't just the same as they used to be. Recovery is slow, metabolism, sex drive..etc. I could go on, but i want to keep it short for readers sake. Feedback please.

  2. Get your primary care physician to do a full normal bloodwork plus as much of a hormone panel as they will do first. If nothing is out of whack, then there is no point in seeing an endo.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Get your primary care physician to do a full normal bloodwork plus as much of a hormone panel as they will do first. If nothing is out of whack, then there is no point in seeing an endo.
    Right on.

  4. and if for some reason your primary physician is unwilling to run the hormone tests, there are online places that will write the prescription for Labcorp to draw and test the blood. a little expensive out of pocket, but not too bad.

  5. the lab reports are a joke. The ranges are so broad 250-1000ng. i just saw a doc for this and mine came back at 435ng. For a 20 year old male that is low. Of course the doc saw this is in range so everything to him is gravy.

  6. LIFE ...

    It's LIFE ... I'm 49 years old ... this is what happens when you get older. You want to keep your test levels high - then lift heavy and deal with the pain. Make the pain your friend. Honestly - I may go see an endo for TRT one day but not until my purple helmeted soldier shrivels to a tadpole.

    You have to keep a positive outlook and keep lifting like a barbarian. Recognize the fact that, as a male, you aren't very smart - and the world will never make sense to you - but the iron in the gym ... that is something you understand. People ask me about Egypt and I go "WTF is Egypt? Can you spot me on this squat real quick?"

    Play around with your diet. I only eat caveman foods - screw processed stuff. Play around with some supplements - I use a different Test booster each month. Remember that dirty carbs make you feel like crap and stay away from them.

    It's worked for me - I look pretty good. No gut ... 6'2" and now up to 227. I got long hair past my shoulders like a Viking. Women don't look at me - I'm too big and intimidating and they can smell my pheromones which send out the message "Only PRO's need to go here". My wife can hang with it she knows how to tame the beast and that is the only thing important.

    If you let your dragging test levels get to you - they will. DEFEAT THEM!!

    You can go see a Doctor - and I've found most of them will find a way to treat you. I see so many people taking cholesterol statins that it's not even funny - and other stuff too. When all they need to do is lift like a ****in ape and enjoy life!!

  7. Honda's post is solid. Spoken like a real man. Cheers, bro.

  8. Ideally, we should have had a full hormone panel done when we were in our mid 20's (assuming you are natural). Then you can compare/monitor the change (if any) in test, lh, fsh, shgb, T3,4, estrodiol, etc. etc. over the years, and when/if levels significantly changed compared to that first reading, then its time to see a specialist.

    As for the specialist you need to see a urologist who specializes in male reproductive system and hormone replacement therapy. You can talk to the Dr. and find out whats best for you. For example:
    My test levels are on the low side (approx 400) and my uro said I could go on TRT if I so choose. After speaking with him, however, we decided it was not time. I want children, and going on TRT would have a negative impact on the ability to do so (more so than the damage I caused in my early 20's using).

    This is the urologist I spoke with:

    There's always online clinics. Dr. Life is an Uncle of one of my former clients and now close friend.



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