Flu like symptoms after exercise

  1. Flu like symptoms after exercise

    I'm just getting back into the gym I've been out since last June with a back injury and I've noticed that after a hard HIIT session on the eliptical that I begin to feel fatigue and eventually develop flu like symptoms, sore throat runny nose and a little cough Thursday I did my hardest HIIT session yet after a massage on Wednesday and immediately felt like I was getting sick and by Thursday night it was full blown but it doesn't last long like um feeling better today. Anyone else experience anything like this?

  2. I had the same thing happen to me when I first started working out again. For me it took about a month of this happening off and on before I haven't had an issue again. I'm sure it had to do with hormonal fluctuation from working out, but don't know the specifics.

  3. It is flu season im recovering from the flu about 2 weeks so far. And have noticed its most intense right after i workout or run for whatever reason the symptoms are more pronounced specifically fatigue, cough, sore throat its almost unbearable but then it eventually subsides a bit. Id deffinately go to the doc if you do have the flu get some antibiotics or it could be 2+ weeks like me. I opted for no doc and it didnt go to well.

  4. Yea I here you but it's like I'll be fine untill I workout then as tge day goes on I start feeling like death

  5. Exactly i know what your going through usually i wake around 9 feel great in the morning a little cough here and there but exercising just makes it 100x worse my advice rest take a couple days of and just rest.



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