Help Please (Essentials)

  1. Help Please (Essentials)

    I have been out of commission for a while. A couple of years ago I was in the best shape I have ever been in, then I tore something in my knee. I had no insurance and couldn't afford to get it fixed or miss work. I quit working out all together about 6 months later. I just rested and all the time when I wasn't working and now about 2 full years later I feel Like I am fully healed and stable. I have been itching to work out now and get back to it.
    I am 28 years old. That year and a half is the longest I have had off from working out since I was 12. My dad started me on a program when I was 12 and I kept it up and modified it along the way until I tore my knee at 26.
    Now that I am motivated and ready to get going again I come asking for a little help.

    I don't remember what all supplements I used to take, so I'd like your thoughts on the essentials. If there is a particular brand that you like feel free to say so.

    My nutrition through meals is clean. It has stayed pretty clean throughout the layoff.
    I used to have a list of the supplements I had been taking, a list that I had made through extensive research. I am hoping with your help won't have to do as much research this time around.

    Thank You

  2. my staples are whey glutamine creatine bcaa(x-tend)and leucine some times a pre like superpump jacked3d and a good multi like aniamal training paks

  3. For me I think

    protein powder
    Fish oil
    Multi vit

    in no particular order

  4. Protein, creatine, BCAAs, multi.....ill cycle a stack of test boosters once or twice a year.

    allthewhey or 100% whey for protein

    Creatine - neovar or creapure
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  5. Grab yourself some:

    1) Whey
    2)A good multi like ADAM
    3) XTend
    4)Gallon of Water for everyday use
    5)Jack3d (if you absolutely need a stim to work out)
    6)5-7 meals a day that follow the food pyramid at

    Assess your BMR and add 500+ Cals of lean meats combined with your Whey protein and you should be on track for some healthy LEAN mass.

    Remember to keep your water intake around 3 liters a day. Its essential to keeping your joints from acting up if your prone to knee problems.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER View Post
    For me I think

    protein powder
    Fish oil
    Multi vit

    in no particular order
    this plus maybe add beta alanine, and you are set for a simple, reasonably priced standard supplementation. Go with creatine monohydrate, its cheapest and actually works.

  7. Protein powder
    Fish oil
    Creatine nitrate
    Greens mix
    Vitamin c & d

    This is what I take everyday.
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