Alrighty, since Im a endo carbs kind of kill my body composition. In bodybuilding Im only concerned with composition not strength although srength is important.

During the last week of my cycle I gained some fat, it was my b day and my 2 year anniversary so I had multiple dinners out that were pretty bad for you, mostly carbs.

So for pct, I dont care if I loose strength, I was cutting on cycle so I only gained 5 pounds from hdrol and furuza, strength was really high. I will undoubetdly loose some strength and gain fat especially if I increase calories in pct and carbs. I do well on a 50/20/30 so the below diet could only be better. Goal is to maintain my current 188 pounds without gaining fat.

my pct diet. 6 days at 25 carbs around 5,000 cals 60% fat 40% pro , carb up day on the 7th day, mostly complex carbs, one simple carb meal breakfast with some type of insulin supp like need 2 slin. Low cardio, the oldschool bro's did very little cardio

Dave draper,serge nubret, arnold,danny padilla, zane, franco all did this they had results and yes they were on lots of juice which is fine! I want to use lots to! thoughts?