I've known for a while now that i don't react well to drinking regular milk. My sinuses go crazy automatically. I just started a cycle of Ostarine and GHRP6 for a clean bulk and I really don't feel like stopping anything right now. But, i haven't been drinking hardly any cows milk at all since I started bulking. I'd love to for the extra calories, but i just can't. I guess I'll have to just go the soy milk route, which sucks bc it's not cheap. I just realized that I've been eating loads of greek yogurt, and i just looked at the ingredients, and duh, main ingredient is cows milk. This is why I never had any sinus problems, which trust me is rare for me not to, while I was doing CKD. Does anyone know of any other remedies for helping to get rid of sinus infections. My wife and my mother are both well educated nurses and they strongly advise against anti biotics, plus they don't even do anything for me anymore because i've taken so many growing up.