Ok ive done my fair share of reading of various diets over the past couple of years and most of the time i wing it to my current goals, since i thought i had enough knowledge to make the right choices and what not but now im kind of stumped. Im not sure which way to tackle my meal plan during season i play Baseball and starting in Febuary practices resume.

Im completely lost to say the least theres so many different things that go into play so let me lay down what my goals are and hopefully someone can help i'll also give a possible idea i have at the end. But first my current stats are 6'3 205 i dropped down to 205 from 215 for better endurance and stamina, plan on getting back to a much leaner 215 by next year then 225 in corresponding year.

-Perserve weight at 205
-Perserve strength +/- 5% im trying to keep my strength +/- within my 1 rep maxes for main lifts. Since i know depending on the week or day i can dip at any time.
-Get enough foods to not gain fat but to have enough energy to always perform at my best

I think in the end the biggest thing would be performance, keeping my weight and strength at where they are would be fantastic but building a diet to give me enough energy and nutrients each day to last the season is my number 1 goal.


Ok so since i know a lot of you guys arent athletes and most are bodybuilders maybe we can still relate. The biggest thing is performance and being 100% the day i pitch whats the best way you guys go about getting in 100% weather it be for a powerlift event or a show? I havent built a diet really around performance before so im a little lost.

Would it be better to just eat a good amount of carbs all week or just the day or two before? If i do opt for just the day or two before what should i eat the day of? And would the day after be a solid day to eat a high protein high fat very low carb day to recover. Something like this?

Monday- Medium-High carb High Protein
Tuesday- High Carb High Protei
Wednesday(game)- Medium Carb Medium Protein
Thursday- High protein High Fat low carb
Friday- Medium-High Protein Medium High fat low carb
Saurday-Medium-High Protein Medium High fat low carb
Sunday-Medium Carb

That doesnt look very good at all to me so i ask for your help i know its a lot but im pretty much lost.