weekly grocery bill?

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    I spend about $70 a week, and that's with supplementing 3 meals with protein shakes (plus 3 normal meals, bfast, lunch, and dinner). Gallon of milk about every 2-3 days, eggs are pretty expensive (3.29 for 18 omega 3 eggs at Sam's), which go FAST, etc. Salad items are usually what destroy the weekly bill. I dont eat out but maybe once or twice a week, though (always PWO pizza or Chipotle).

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    Easily $80 - 100. It's the salmon that really gets me everytime
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMaccow View Post
    Easily $80 - 100. It's the salmon that really gets me everytime
    Yeh fish gets pricey lol, and i don't like frozen fish in bags... gotta have the fresh fish = $$$$$ lol



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