Help with a real diet...

  1. Help with a real diet...

    So I am really trying to gety diet right... But it has to be a on the go diet as I'm never home to cook... Now I know I'm carb sensitive.. So low carb is a must and I'm trying to get at least 250 gram of protein.... Here is what I have right now...

    730am. Protein shake with milk
    11 beef jerky
    2 8oz chicken with onions n peppers with sweet onion sauce

    5 carnivor protein shake

    8 beef or chicken 8oz

    Should I add in protein shakes with lunch n dinner? Maybe some high protein cereal for breakfast? Better easier snacks?


  2. I think the real secret is planing ahead and food prep.
    On sundays or what ever day is good for you , when you arent realy busy, pre cook everything.
    Example:On Sundays boil 2 to 4 dozen eggs and cook 5 lbs chicken breast.
    stick in fridge and you will be set for the week.
    Do the same for carbs. E#ither pre cook a bunch of brown rice, cut up a
    bunch of veggies or both stick in the fridge and your set.
    Between this and shakes or bars you will have food available quickly and easily all wk.
    Then just eat evey 2 hours and your good.

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